WebIntelligence 4.1 Rich Client Half Day

Course Abstract:

This 1/2 day interactive class is designed for users or who have had some level of training or experience using the Web Intelligence thin client reporting tool.  Topics are specific to tasks that only apply to the Desktop Reporting tool. Topics include an overview of the Web Intelligence, Desktop Reporting, logging in using Online and Offline modes, Using Personal Data files as data providers,  Importing and exporting documents and creating, Using Web Services and advanced formatting options. The course incorporates extensive hands on exercises to reinforce the learning process.



This course is designed for users who have prior training or experience with the Web Intelligence

 thin client reporting tool.



1/2 Day


Course Objective:

Upon completion of this course, the participant will be able to:

·        Understand what the Desktop Reporting is

·        How to Import and Export documents and In-Repository Editing of Documents

·        How to Save WebIntelligence Rich Client documents locally

·        How to save to other local file formats

·        How to log in Online and Offline and what differences there are

·        How to create queries using Personal Data files

·        Merging Data Providers

·        Creating and Using Web Services

·        Using Advanced Formatting Options


Course Topics:

Desktop Reporting Overview

  • Introduction to Blocks
  • Logging In Online and Offline
  • Saving Documents locally
  • Saving documents in local file formats
  • Importing and Exporting documents
  • Creating documents from personal data files
  • Creating documents using complex filters
  • Advanced Formatting Features



WebIntelligence 4.1 Intermediate Reporting (1Day)