SAP BusinessObjects 4.2 Information Design Tool (IDT) Advanced

Course Abstract:

This class is a combination of instructor-led lecture, discussions and demonstrations with a heavy emphasis on hands-on workshops to teach BusinessObjects 4.2 Information Design Tool concepts. Topics to be covered include universe creation, creating relational database connections,  creating single and multi-source Data Foundations, Creating calculated columns, Creating Business Layers,  Folders and objects, filters,  table aliases, aggregate awareness, viewing table keys, Publishing and Securing universes, index awareness, resolving loops, building Federated and derived tables, building and utilizing navigation paths, resolving traps and building and using sets.


This class is designed for technical analysts who are required to create the BusinessObjects 4.2 Connections, Data Foundations and Business Layers as an interface to the data in a data warehouse, data mart, or database.


2 Days


Course Objective:

Upon completion of this course, the participant will be able to:

  • Understand what the IDT Layers
  • How to create Single and Multi Connection Universes
  • Creating Data Foundations, using Federated and derived tables
  • Creating Business Layer Views and using Security to implement the different views
  • Creating Folders and Objects
  • How to create Dimensions, Attributes and Measures
  • Creating Filters within the different layers
  • Implementing Aggregate Awareness
  • Resolving Loops and Traps using Aliases, Contexts and @AggregateAware
  • Using Queries to test the Model

 Course Topics:

IDT Review

  • Creating Projects and Connections
  • Creating Data Foundation Layers
  • Creating and testing Business Layers
  • Aggregate Awareness
  • Federated Tables and Custom Views
  • Building Navigation Paths
  • Resolving Traps
  • Building sets
  • Testing, Testing and More Testing