SAP BusinessObjects 4.2 Administrator's Boot Camp

Course Abstract:

This 2 day interactive Boot Camp is designed for administrators or individuals about to become administrators who need to learn and understand the key concepts necessary to deploy and manage SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise 4.2 application.  Some of the topics covered include an overview of the system architecture, understanding and configuring the servers via the Central Management Console  building a security model, rights inheritance and securing objects and applications via Groups and Users. The course incorporates extensive hands on exercises to reinforce the learning process.



This course is designed for administrators or those who will be administrating the SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise.




2 Days


Course Objective:

Upon completion of this course, the participant will be able to:

  • Install and Deploy BusinessObjects Enterprise 4.2
  • Manage all Content within the Enterprise
  • Understand and Build Security Model
  • Understand Group and Folder Inheritance
  • Understanding Rights and Inheritance Overrides
  • Implement and Test Security Models
  • Using Promotion Management
  • Securing Universes, Connections and Web Services
  • Maintaining Authentication


Course Topics:

Enterprise Architecture Overview

  • Configuring and Managing Servers
  • Developing a Security Model
  • Managing Groups and Users
  • Managing and Securing Folders
  • User and Group Management
  • Managing Universes and Connections and Web Services
  • Managing Application Security
  • Understand Universe Overrides affect the Security Model
  • Implementing Security Models
  • Using Promotion Management
  • Managing Events, Calendars and Scheduling Objects
  • Understanding and Creating Publications
  • Managing Authentication

Performance Improvements