Lumira 2.1 Discovery

Course Abstract:

This class is a combination of instructor-led lecture, discussions, and demonstrations with a heavy emphasis on hands-on workshops to teach Lumira desktop. Topics include; creating new documents, creating datasets, building visualizations and creating stories..



This course is designed for Business Users and Analysts who need to create their own visualizations.



1 Day


Course Objectives:

Upon completion of this course, the participant will be able to:

Work with the Lumira Homepage, Build datasets, work with dataset filters, create visualizations, create calculations, formatting visualizations and creating stories.


Course Topics:   


Lumira As A Tool

What Is Lumira?

What Is A Universe?

What Are Objects/Query?

Working in Lumira Homepage

Setting Lumira Preferences

Using the Compose room

Using Different Data Sources

Creating/deleting Datasets

Adding Variables and Calculations
Building Dataset Filters

Using the Visualize Room

Understanding the Chart types

Using Local Filters

Building and Formatting Charts

Merging/Joining Datasets

Adding New Visualizations

Adding Trellis to Visualization

Adding Ranking function to Visualization

Creating and Managing Rules

Creating Custom Calculations

Exporting Records

Creating/Formatting/Deleting Stories

Creating/Formatting/Deleting Pages

Understanding Page Templates

Using Story Components

Saving Stories to BOE repository

Exporting Story to PDF







Basic Windows Skills.